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Robert James is an Atlanta based actor, singer/songwriter, and playwright. He has trained in Los Angeles as well as one of Atlanta’s top-rated professional actors’ studios. Recently awarded Best Actor at an Industry showcase, he is known for his compelling portrayals of highly varied characters.  

My Story

Raised in the small rural town of Clarkston, Michigan,  I headed west at the age of 19 to seek my fortune in California. My “survival job” became a successful corporate career which temporarily overtook my pursuit of full time creative endeavors. Through the years I have been involved with part time local theater and singing performances,  I am now dedicating my entire career to Film/TV/and live performance.  I have created a live variety show called Southern Fried Shakespeare which I am happy to say has been very well received. I am now signed with BMG Talent Atlanta and looking forward to the exciting possibilities to come.

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